About Every Day Matters – Dinacharya

"Your entire past is over with the sunrise. Your magnificent future begins today."

Derived from the ancient science of Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, Dinacharya means mastery of your daily routine. Mahatria's unique spin on Dinacharya expands the definition from a daily routine to maintain physical health to a daily routine that will put you in a state of peak performance. Every one of us have 24 hours in a day – no less, no more. Everything that is not important has allotted time slots, whereas, everything that is important gets no time. Yet, the most common excuse for not investing on health, relationships, intellectual and professional development, spiritual practices is lack of time. In ‘Every Day Matters – Dinacharya’, a soul-stirring 14-part course in the Challenge Your Comfort Zone Series, Mahatria will get you to cultivate the discipline to allocate time and make minor adjustments to your schedule to include important things, which in-turn will transform your life beyond recognition.
Stop being tricked by the silly ways of the mind... You are created with the potential to live a legendary life. But sometimes when you have the freedom of choice and time without ‘Discipline’, you will end up missing out on the phenomenal opportunities’ life brings your way. Who was Gandhi before he became Mahatma? Who was Mother Teresa before she became a missionary? Who was Jesus Christ before he came to be accepted as a Messiah? Even the most successful people were once ordinary human beings who recognised and developed their capabilities. Staying where you are in life requires minimal effort. It takes a burning passion and drive to go beyond the surface of your potential and soar high. It doesn’t matter if you have already scaled great heights in life – in your career, education, or any other regard. Life cannot depend on past satisfactions. Life needs to be steered ahead with new aspirations. “Where to where - is the story of the past. From here, where - is the story of the future” Mahatria asserts.
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Key Takeaways

  • Hard hitting truths to prioritise what is important over what is trivial.

  • The significance of implementing a daily routine that puts you in a peak state.

  • The secret to unlocking the powers of your subconscious mind to live a legendary life.

  • The importance of shifting away from a complaining attitude & prioritising your peace over everything else.

  • How the power of aspiration fuels your success and growth.

  • The power of your personal beliefs in determining the quality of your living.

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